How did you start modeling?

A model discovered me in my art school in the Dominican Republic and told me I should model, I was 13. She introduced  me to my now mother agency. From there I got signed and I went to work in Brazil for three months, then Miami when I was 15 ,and a year later I was in New York.

How do you find inspiration on those days when you wake up and things feel dull?

That happens a lot. You just wake up and “Wow you look so ugly today and now you have to go to castings!”. But I just have to take a deep breath and remember that I have a very good job so I just get myself together, be grateful, and get out there.

Besides modeling whats your favorite thing to do?

I love walking around New York, hanging around with friends, and traveling. I love traveling. I have a big family so I try to make them fly. I have a brother thats never been out of the Dominican Republic before so I flew him out to Miami to watch a concert, we had lots of fun. I also flew my Mom & Dad to New York and now I’m taking them to Mexico. I love that, being able to take my parents places.